Current project

Life in Lithuania started to slow down after quarantine, but it did not stop. Now it is important for each of us to remain cautious – to protect ourselves and those around us. with the help of bricklayers (clinker masonry), we will help you. Take care of ourselves and each Read more…

New office building

Our newest project is an office building complex in Kaunas, Aleksotas. This is our first project for this type of building, so its a great challenge but also a great opportunity for our new business to show our skills and what we are capable to do! 

We like to decorate

Here we fulfilled our contract to decorate with bricks 13 cottages. We applied to 4 houses – 13 cottages (dublied buildings), a block of masonry decoration. The total area of ​​the 1300 m2 „Roben“ branded bricks or ~ 63,000 pcs.